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IGN's Reporting is Extremely "Boring"

IGN, one of the internet's leading sources for video game news (and general entertainment news), has always been a questionable source when it comes to giving people quality reporting. More specifically, IGN has had outright bad reporting when it comes to the Kingdom Hearts series, pronouncing names wrong in videos, spewing wrong information, and generally showing a disregard for the games as a whole. Earlier this month the site reported on some Kingdom Hearts information in poor taste, showing their true colors when it comes to their blatant bias against the series.

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Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Any% — Improved World Record

In the hype of Kingdom Hearts 3, a little over a week ago speedrunner MistMaster1 improved his personal best in Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, Any% – PS4 Beginner category by 47 seconds. Already holding the world record prior to this accomplishment, Mist continues to remain at the top of the leaderboards  with a  time of 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 48 seconds. Funnily enough, he just PB’d a few days before this as well.

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