"DnDnD" Podcast Begins Their Second Season

I’ve never been a Dungeon and Dragons person. I held nothing against the game, but my general understanding of it left me feeling uninterested. That was until I found the podcast “DnDnD.”

Hosted by dungeon master James Graessle, the self described “dinner party and fantasy role-playing podcast” follows an eclectic cast of characters who form an unlikely team to do good deeds while running into some crazy shenanigans.

What brought me to the podcast was the cast. Many of the folks on “DnDnD” are also part of the YouTube channel, “Practical Folks.” Being a “Practical Folks” fan, I quickly jumped onto the Dungeons and Dragons podcast train even though I had no experience with the game or any reason for liking it just yet. I soon grew to call the podcast a favorite. They have just started up their second season and I am excited to listen!

“DnDnD” have a specific motto which the whole show builds off of: DO WHAT’S FUN.

Dungeons and Dragons presents a unique form of story telling where several factors can alter how the narrative plays out. As I have come to understand the game more and more over the past several months, I have learned that these factors can depend heavily on the dungeon master who essentially runs the game. Graessle takes a very laid back approach when it comes to how he directs the players and what their characters can and cannot do. This isn’t to say he was laid back in his designing of the world. On the contrary, Graessle has created a fantastical universe with fun characters and creatures and intricate locations for the gang to explore. Where Graessle is laid back is with the players.

As I’ve been told, a game of Dungeons and Dragons can vary drastically depending on who is the dungeon master. Sometimes they can make the experience uninteresting or they severely limit the players. But as mentioned earlier, the pod’s motto is DO WHAT’S FUN, and that is just what Graessle aims to do. He does not limit his players from heading in their own directions. In fact, he encourages it. As with all games, they are meant to instill play. As the hosts play with their characters choices, the story progresses in new and interesting ways. Oftentimes the story goes in unexpected places, all because the characters/players are allowed to explore and do what’s fun. What we end up with is a cinematic and often times hilarious story where every character shines in their own unique fashion.

There aren’t many story telling podcasts out there that have gripped me like “DnDnD” has. The podcast is hosted by some amazing people who have created a fantastic world and wonderful characters, the production is the highest quality on the internet, and just as their motto states, it is a lot of fun. Check out the podcast at the links below to catch up and enjoy the pure treasure that is “DnDnD.” And also check out all of the hosts on Twitter!