Everglow Rounds Up 358/2 Story

The YouTuber known as Everglow finishes up with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days story in his timeline series and it is as gorgeous as we have come to expect.

Everglow began his timeline series back in April 2018. The series chronicles the Kingdom Heart’s games in chronological order. For those unfamiliar with the games, the story features different timelines within the games and games do not release in order of timeline. Instead everything is very scattered. While this is one way to tell a story, it makes things super complicated. It is not the reason Kingdom Heart’s is so frustratingly complicated when it comes to it’s narrative and lore, but it is certainly a factor.

From the beginning, Everglow has taken great care with his videos. Unlike most uploads of the Kingdom Hearts story which are only cut scenes, Everglow wants to capture all of the story which includes gameplay and journal entries found in the games. As if that wasn’t above and beyond enough, Everglow takes things to the next level with his mastery at editing. His placement of clips, sound design, and additional score (from Project Destati and other artists who have covered the Kingdom Hearts music by Yoko Shimomura) create not only an aesthetically pleasing set of videos but a masterpiece. Everglow heightens the original work to godly proportions.

At long last, the series has concluded the game “358/2 Days” and is now moving on to “Kingdom Hearts 2.” “Days” conclusion is spectacular which is expected from Everglow. His conclusions of the “Birth by Sleep” story and combining of “Kingdom Hearts 1” and “a Fragmentary Passage” story endings was masterful. “Days” was no different.

One awesome aspect of Everglow’s “Days” portion of the timeline is the updated graphics which simulate missions from the original DS game. Unlike most games in the series, “Days” was never remastered but given a long cut scene movie. Everglow, with the help of some very talented individuals, recreates certain sections of gameplay with these updated graphics, making these sections much easier to digest. The simulated sections in the newest video were the best I’ve seen. I loved when Roxas cast the thunder spell and a thunder clap actually went off in the background, some amazing sound design from Everglow. It made the world of Kingdom Hearts feel much more alive than it ever has. Roxas and Xion’s confrontation was spectacular and gut wrenching. Everglow’s blending of cut scene and simulated gameplay was perfect. If you have yet to watch this new episode, stop everything and experience the mastery that is Everglow. You won’t be sorry.

What I appreciate most about Everglow’s series is his ability to capture the Kingdom Heart’s story in a new way. I have been moved by the narrative in the past, but had yet to cry from the series. Everglow’s timeline has brought tears to my eyes several times. While many ardent fans will argue that Kingdom Heart’s should be experienced in the order the game’s released, Everglow’s timeline series makes an argument that the timeline is the way to go to have the ultimate experience. For folks who have yet to play the games but are interested in “Kingdom Hearts 3", set to release January 29th, 2019, this is the perfect way to catch up on all of the story.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the full timeline series here. And if you have yet to catch up on the series, now would be a great time!